Ben Wigley Developer

Personal Projects


Linkerly is a social network for saving videos and articles for viewing later. It's aim is to help you organise and prioritise.

Linkerly is a single page JavaScript app. I am the sole developer on the project and handle all areas of development, while design is handled by our talented designer Rebekah McNutt.

Development on Linkerly has stopped, however the site is sill live.

Toast Rooster

Toast Rooster is a management tool for Toastmaster's Clubs to organise weekly meetings.

Main learnings from this project have included using email queues via Amazon SES, Beanstalkd, and Supervisor. Toast Rooster is a single-page JavaScript application.

Tally Cat

Tally cat is an iOS app I built in order to learn iPhone development. It does one thing, and one thing only. It tallys things. Sheep, cars, dollars, you name it.

Talley Cat in the app store