Ben Wigley Musician/Developer/BQH Practitioner

Projects & Services

Beyond Quantum Healing

I'm gald to currently be offering free BQH sessions while I gain experience at this transformational healing modality! Keep reading to learn more and find out how to book a session...

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Music ⋅ TjME

I produce music under the Alias TjME.

To listen, check out my Soundcloud and Instagram.

Tranquility Market Garden

In the Spring of 2019 Tranquility Market Garden was launched in beautiful Twizel, New Zealand. Spray free and local, we are proud to supply the Twizel community with fresh produce.

Follow the Garden's Instagram for updates.

Toast Rooster

Toast Rooster is a meeting and member management tool/app for Toastmaster's Clubs that allows them to organise their weekly meetings. The site was built while attending Toastmasters at Otago University. I now maintain it as a side project.

About Ben

Like so many others in this day and age I find myself on a spiritual path, awakening to totally new ideas and paradigms about how the world works, and who I really am.

I like to keep myself busy creating, learning, and helping others. I'd love to assist you in a BQH session if that's something that you're interested in, or share my music with you.

Upcoming projects: Guided Meditations, with Music by yours truly.